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The Hanson Trade Page!

Hey everyone! This is our Hanson trading place. LAST UPDATED 12/9! We also sell some of these items as well! We have... 1. Live Pictures from Paramus Park, Meadowlands, Arthur Ashe, Beacon Theatre, Jingle Ball, and MMMBop Ball, Grammy Practice, MTV Live From the Ten Spot, Conan O'Brien, Letterman, Rosie, Great Woods, Hershey Park, Philadelphia 1, Philadelphia 2, Continental, Jones Beach 1, CBS This Morning, Jones Beach 2, Hard Rock Live - certain ones for selling and trading only - just ask us! :o) 2. All US appearances 3. Australian appearances 4. Home Videos from several appearances - see below 5. MMMBop Album 6. Boomerang Album 7. Radio interviews from the US (Z100, PLJ, WXYV, Q102, PST, KIIS, Rick Dees, Z104, Q104, Wing Ding, B94) 8. Radio interviews from Australia 9. Radio concert - Meadowlands 6/97 10. Autographs that we could make a color copies of (Middle of Nowhere, Three Car Garage, MMMBop (US Single), Big MON promo poster, and Black and White Mercury Picture 11. US Magazines 12. Foreign Magazines 13. All import Cd's - copies for sale 14. All US Cd's - copies for sale 15. Stickers (can't trade) 16. Pins (can't trade) 17. US posters (can't trade) 18. Import Posters (can't trade) 19. MMMBop sheet music 20. Where's the Love sheet music 21. I Will Come To You sheet music 22. Middle of Nowhere sheet music 23. MMMBop record 24. I Will Come To You record 25. Hanson Shirts (can't trade) 26. Hanson Hats (can't trade) 27. Radio interviews from the UK 28. Hanson Books 29. Radio interview from France 30. Scholastic Interview tape ~Television Appearances~ -USA- I Will Come To You- Beacon Oprah E! E! VH1 Interviews Middle of Nowhere Commercial CNN 1 WIR 5/97 Where's the Love Motel California House of Style MTV News Brief Nickelodeon Gum Thing WIR Channel 5 News Channel 7 News Channel 7 News MTV Movie Awards WIR And the Nominees Are... Greatest Moments In VMA History TGIH Jay Leno- skit ET MTV News Brief Oddville MTV News Brief (about Weird video) Saturday Night Live ABC in Concert Access Hollywood Celebrity Deathbowl Entertainment Tonight WIR Fox After Breakfast MTV Europe Awards Entertainment Tonight Meet Hanson All Meet Hanson commercials Hanson Commercial Entertainment Tonight CNN 2 Fox Jingle Jam MTV News Brief Weird Al SNICK Where's the Love pop-up video Access Hollywood Arthur Ashe Kids Day E! MTV Live- Zac's Birthday I Will Come To You- with Zac birthday message MMMBop E! Entertainment Tonight 12 Angry Viewers MTV News Brief SNICK commercial CBS This Morning 2 Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight CBS This Morning 1 Regis and Kathie Lee David Letterman 2 Good Morning America Christmas In Washington David Letterman skit Jay Leno World Series Jenny McCarthy ET Birthday's Ike MTV News Brief Top 10 Albums, Top 10 Singles WIR MMMBop Pop-up video I Will Come To You- London version ET Birthday's Zac Today Show Rosie O'Donnell Letterman 1 Access Hollywood Access Hollywood Entertainment Tonight Entertainment Tonight MTV before Grammys VH1 before Grammys E! before Grammys Grammy Awards Channel 11 News Channel 2 News Middle of Nowhere Commercial (New one) Conan O'Brien Access Hollywood 3/4 Access Hollywood 3/5 Channel 9 News Channel 11 News MTV Live with Hanson MTV Live- premiere of Weird 12 Angry Viewers- Weird "Weird" music video Nick News MTV Ultra Sound Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards MMMBop Pop-up MMMBop Cyber Cindy ET 4/6 Access Hollywood 4/6 MMMBop video on Say What? Weird on Total Request at #1 Weird video on Say What? Entertainment Tonight 5/4 CNN Showbiz News Hanson Scrapbook All Time Top 10 Sibling Bands MTV Live From the Ten Spot commercials MTV Live MTV Live From the Ten Spot 3 Car Garage Commercial (TV and radio) Letterman 5/98 Rosie 5/98 ET 5/17 ET 5/20 MTV News Brief - "La De Da" video with Ringo Starr MTV News Brief - first look at "River" video VH1's Teen Idols of the 90's VH1's StoryTellers for Save the Music VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars II MTV News 1515 - 7/11 MTV Drop Spot Special - 7/12 E! News Weekend - 7/12 Access Hollywood (Young Stars special) - 7/12 The Magic Hour Jay Leno 7/14 - Hard Rock Live - 10/24 Nickel-O-Zone - 11/5 ET - 11/6 Road to Albertane: Family Channel Special - 11/7 Letterman - 11/9 Howie Mandel - 11/11 Total Request Live - 11/11 Total Request Live - 11/12 Rosie O'Donnell - 11/16 Motown Live - 11/28 Thanksgiving with Jesse on MTV Buddy Faro - 12/4 Jay Leno - 12/4 Billboard Music Awards - 12/7 Jay Leno skit - 12/7 ET - 12/7 (Jack Frost) Access Hollywood - 12/7 (Jack Frost) Access Hollywood - 12/8 (Billboard) Regis & Kathie Lee - 12/9 -UK Appearances- This Morning Breakfast Show Top of the Pops 1 Top of the Pops 2 Top of the Pops 3 Top of the Pops 4 Top of the Pops 5 O' Zone 1 O' Zone 2 O' Zone 3 The Box MTV Europe ITV's Talking Telephone MTV Europe Top 100 Videos Live & Kicking Smash Hits Poll Winners Party MTV Europe EMA Spotlight 1 MTV Europe EMA Spotlight 2 MTV Europe News Entertainment 1997 -Canada Appearances- MuchMusic Interview YTV's Psycho Blast From Hanson With Love Much Music Spotlight Rapid Fax E! Now -Australian Appearances- Hey, Hey It's Saturday Recovery Melbourne News 1 Melbourne News 2 Melbourne News 3 Melbourne News 4 MTV News Today Show Channel V A Current Affair Middle of Nowhere Commercial Video Hits Channel 10 News Channel 7 News 1 Channel 9 News News 7 News 2 MTV Australia News Middle of Nowhere Commercial -Germany Appearances- Geld Oder Liebe Several News Clips 2 TV shows -Mexico Appearances- Siempre el Domingo MMMBop video with added beach scenes -Brazil Appearances- MTV Brazil 1 MTV Brazil 2 Another thing from Brazil -Netherlands Appearances- European Music Awards Press Conference Behind the Scenes at the EMAs European Music Awards -Taiwan Appearances- The Box MTV Asia Taiwan Press Conference -Japan Appearances- Pop Jam -Indonesia Appearances- MTV Asia In Control -Home Videos- 3 Arthur Ashe 3 Sam Goody Citywalk 2 YTV 2 Paramus Park Mall 1 Wingding 1 Kansas City 1 Jingle Ball 1 Beacon Theater We are looking for... **REAL COPIES (CDs) OF BOOMERANG AND MMMBOP** -REAL TV -Tulsa Commercial -Home video or TV footage of the Meadowlands Concert -Home videos (especially of old performances or any concert!) -Anything from Local News -Anything Foreign -The Entertainment Tonight about Christmas In Washington -CNN about Weird video -Live Pictures -Radio shows -A good copy of the Today Show including "Where's the Love" -The whole E! with Taylor in shorts -Good pictures from the Hartford, CT Concert! **Hanson T-shirts from when Boomerang and MMMBop were out**

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