Hanson...24 Hours, A Day In Color Website Updates!


-We added a new banner to our Banner Page & also 2 links to Hanson pages on our Awards & Links Page! Check them out...=)


-Our Trade Page has been updates somewhat! Let's put it this way - every appearance Hanson has made on TV, we have on tape. =)


-New picture page added with pictures from the Yo Kidz the Vidz video. Yo Kidz the Vidz Video Pictures!

10/26/98 *~~~HAPPY THANKSGIVING!~~~

-Quotes moved off main page to new page: Hanson Quotes

-New about us page: All About Us!

-This page was added.

-Hanson Updates on main page: Hanson...24 Hours A Day, In Color!

-New picture added on main page.

-Loads of new Hanson appearance updates added!

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