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Hanson...24 Hours A Day, In Color!

*Welcome Hanson Fans!*

This page is dedicated to those 3 blonde guys from Tulsa that we have all come to know and love! And who else could they be but...Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary a.k.a. Hanson!

Hey Everyone! Well, I guess you can tell that we haven't exactly been updating this site everyday. But, we plan on doing a major make-over on the site so it will be faster to load and easier to navigate. This may take us a while cause we are still busy with school, but we'll get to it ASAP! :o) Thanks for your patience!

Hanson Rocks!!!

*One thing we wanted to share with everyone is the places that Hanson fans come from to visit our web page - we found this quite interesting. We were very surprised at the variety of countries that were listed! Thanks to all the Hanson fans all over the world who have come to see our Hanson web site! We truly appreciate it! =)

~United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, Thailand, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Uruguay, Malaysia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, & Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Chile, South Korea, Ireland, Austria, Hong Kong, Peru, Indonesia, Singapore, and Colombia!

And then there are the weird things like US Military, Non-Profit Organization, US Government, and US Educational. We still take that as a good sign! :-)

This web site is run by Emily and Lydia. We are bestest friends *hug* and we both adore HANSON!!! Email Lydia at Emeraldljs and Emily at MottsChic4! And please sign our guestbook!

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Here is a GREAT quote about Hanson! We just had to include it.

"I hate it when people say 'Hanson sucks.' Hanson does NOT suck. They proved that at the Grammy's that they rock. Face it people, bow down to Hanson. They rock and will be around a lot longer than most."

~Stephen Jenkins (Lead singer of Third Eye Blind)

-Why don't you check if we're online? We always like to chat with Hanson fans. :-) Talk to Emily or talk to Lydia!-

**Hanson Updates!**

Follow the arrows for the newest updates!

~Last Updated: March 10, 2000 (Yes, we're still alive and well... lol. And we still love Hanson, more than anything, but as you can see we have been very busy lately. It's very difficult for us to work on this web page, but thank you for coming, and hopefully we'll be able to start running it again soon!) *Check out our new site updates page for the lastest updates on this website. Hanson...24 Hours A Day, In Color Website Updates!!

***Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are out and about promoting "This Time Around."***

***HANSONLINE has a new look... be sure to stop by and check it out!***

***Also, MOE 7 should be arriving in those mailboxes very soon...***

Friday, March 10 - 11:30 pm - repeat on Hanson's @MTV performance

Saturday, March 11 - 10:00 am - repeat on Hanson's @MTV performance again

Sunday, March 12 - 2:30 am - repeat on Hanson's @MTV performance yet again =)

-You can check out for some clips of new songs from "This Time Around"-

-APRIL 4th - "This Time Around" single is released!

-May 8th - Hanson appears on The Late Show with David Letterman

-May 9th - Hanson appears on The Rosie O'Donnell Show

-MAY 9th - Hanson finally releases their 2nd studio album, "This Time Around"... we can't wait anymore!

:::Hanson did a chat with Yahoo! on NOVEMBER 2nd, but don't worry if you missed it - here's the link to get the transcript!:::

:::Here's the link to the transcript of the Hanson chat on NOVEMBER 10th - ENJOY! Transcript for 11/10/98 chat!

:::Here's a link to the most recent Yahoo chat Hanson did on December 22, 1998. Enjoy everyone...Transcript for 12/22/98 chat!

:::Ike, Taylor & Zac did yet another chat with Yahoo! Here's a link to the transcript...Transcript for 2/22/99 chat!

***"Weird" was the 54th video on MTV's Total Request Countdown for 1998***

-"River" has been on & off of Total Request, so be sure to vote every weekday from 2:30 - 3:00 pm. Make sure to call 1-800-DIAL-MTV or visit the MTV Total Request site! :o)

*Call up your radio stations and request "Weird" & maybe even "Thinking of You". Keep calling all you Hanson fans from NJ, NY, CT and PA! And everyone else please go VOTE FOR HANSON!on the Interactive 9@9.

***The Band Boys will be playing at FANFEST in Michigan this year, they are a really cool here to go! The Band Boys On-Line!

**Please vote for our site in Hanson: The Top 50 Sites!!! Either click the link or send YOUR vote with OUR site name to the webmaster!! Vote as many times as you like!!! Thanks for your support everyone! :-)

"Hanson is more than a feels more like a significant mark in the timeline of music history."--Susan J Morton.

This page has been MMMBOPed times since February 1998!

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We have decided to have a raffle for either 8 appearances (not home videos) from our trade page or 4 live Hanson pictures taken by us everytime the counter reaches a new thousand (7000, 8000, 9000, etc.)  The raffle will be taken from the names of the people who sign our guestbook.  We will notify you if you've won!  Thanks for signing the guestbook and good luck!  :o)

We will be having another drawing from the guestbook very soon! So be on the look-out for an e-mail from us for your chance to win some Hanson stuff! :o)

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