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~Last Updated: January 20, 1999 *Check out our new site updates page for the lastest updates on this website. Hanson...24 Hours A Day, In Color Website Updates!!

***Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are working on their upcoming album, in a secret location...lol.***

**The 2nd part of the MMMTalk cd is now available in cd stores.**

>>>Isaac no longer has on his braces! (Just his top ones!!!) He recently got them taken off! :-) We loved his braces though...lol! But his teeth look awesome!<<<

:::Hanson did a chat with Yahoo! on NOVEMBER 2nd, but don't worry if you missed it - here's the link to get the transcript!:::

:::Here's the link to the transcript of the Hanson chat on NOVEMBER 10th - ENJOY! Transcript for 11/10 chat!

:::Here's a link to the most recent Yahoo chat Hanson did on December 22, 1998. Enjoy everyone...Transcript for 12/22 chat!

***"Weird" was the 54th video on MTV's Total Request Countdown for 1998***

-"River" has been on & off of Total Request, so be sure to vote every weekday from 3:00 - 3:30 pm. Make sure to call 1-800-DIAL-MTV or visit the MTV Total Request site! :o)

*Call up your radio stations and request "Weird" & maybe even "Thinking of You". Keep calling all you Hanson fans from NJ, NY, CT and PA! And everyone else please go VOTE FOR HANSON!on the Interactive 9@9.

**Please vote for our site in Hanson: The Top 50 Sites!!! Either click the link or send YOUR vote with OUR site name to the webmaster!! Vote as many times as you like!!! Thanks for your support everyone! :-)

"Hanson is more than a band...it feels more like a significant mark in the timeline of music history."--Susan J Morton.

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