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The concerts and Hanson events we have been to!

Paramus Park Mall

May 7, 1997 (Happy B-day Lyd!)
Sponsored by Z100
The day after Middle of Nowhere was released
There were over 6,000 people on both levels of the mall
It was held in the food court
Mall security and the sound system were both not ready for such a large turnout
Many people did not even get a glimpse of Hanson

We got there at 7:00 (really late!) and somehow we got upstairs and got right were Hanson came out! We were about 20 feet away from them while they were performing! It was a great concert (in a way!) and an awesome Hanson day! And a great birthday for Lydia!


June 27, 1997
Sponsored by WPLJ
The day after Fox After Breakfast
There were 5,000 people under the pink and yellow tent of the Meadowlands Fair
It was originally supposed to be held in the Red Oak Diner in Fort Lee, NJ
It was a free early morning concert that was played live over the radio
Hanson did a mini-concert (7 songs) and an interview

We got there really early and got to the very front! It was pretty cool! Another great Hanson day!!