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*Em and Lyd... Our Story!*

We've been Hanson fans from the very beginning. We've always loved "MMMBop" from the very first time we heard it on the radio about 2 years ago. A few months passed and May came around. It was Lydia's birthday and she had heard that Hanson was going to be appearing at Paramus Park Mall that very same day! We had no idea what to expect but we figured we'd go anyway since "MMMBop" had become our favorite song! We left the mall loving "Madeline", "MMMBop", and Hanson even more. Their talent blew us away and now we're fans for life.

After Paramus Park Mall, people were shocked that we had went! We know they were just jealous! :o) Lydia's birthday party was that following weekend...we went to New York state with a group of friends. We had our "MMMBop" single with us and played it constantly despite our other friends' remarks! But we know they loved it! We all knew the words by the end of the weekend and still coudn't get enough of the great, catchy song!

Name: Lydia Julia Shaw
Birthdate: May 7, 1981 (that makes me 18!)
Siblings: 1- Sonya (16) another Hanson fan!
Pets: 2 dogs- Lucy and Katie, 1 cat- Nikki, a frog, fish, and birds
Favorite Band(s): Hanson and Admiral Twin, I LOVE music, but those are my 2 fav bands
Favorite TV Show(s): The X-Files, (M&S Kiss!!) Dawson's Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite Day(s): 8/23/97, 2/22/98, 4/27/98, 8/23/98, 8/30/98, 11/12/98 lots more, but those are my faves
Favorite Class(es) in School: None!!
Favorite Concert(s): Hartford, CT Hanson concert, w/ Jingle Ball '97 a close 2nd, but I love all the concerts I have been to
Favorite Drink(s): Pepsi, Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer *yummy*
Best Friend(s): Emily, Michele, Stefanie, Tanya, Allison, Irene, and to everyone else, you know who you are
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Chicken w/ mushrooms, McDonald's French Fries, Strawberry Short Cake
Favorite Movie(s): X-Files: Fight the Future, Flight of the Navigator, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, Speed, TTMON, RTA and so many more

Name: Emily Susan Rathgeber
Birthdate: April 12, 1981 making me 18 & legal :-)
Siblings: Joe (16) & Kathleen (10) <---also a Hanson lover!
Pets: My beagle-basset named Charlie & 2 goldfish
Favorite Band(s): Hanson, Sarah McLachlan, N'Sync, Matchbox 20, Admiral Twin, Aerosmith, Eve 6, and anything on Z100, KRock...
Favorite TV Show(s): Real World, Road Rules, TRL, Friends, X-Files Lydia? Hehee.
Favorite Day(s): Wow okay...8-23-97, 2-22-98, 4-27-98, 8-23-98 & 11-12-98 - there's more, but those are awesome ones!
Favorite Class(es) in School: Lunch is, but no more high school!
Favorite Concert(s): I really loved the Hanson Philly concert, Jingle Ball was awesome too...=)
Favorite Drink(s): Milk, water, caffeine-free Diet Coke
Best Friend(s): Lydia, Michele, Tanya, Stefanie...and many more good ones! If you talk to me online you're a good friend too!
Favorite Food(s): Anything Italian
Favorite Movie(s): Wow...that's hard...I have a ton - Speed, X-Files, Titanic, Face-Off, Big Daddy to name a few. And of course TTMON & RTA. :-)

~Here's a picture of us...Lydia is all the way to the right, Emily is in the middle and our friend Michele is on the left.~

This year we know we are the only seniors in our school who like Hanson. There are some sophmores and freshman, but not many. There are many more BSB lovers and 'N Sync fans now. How sad! Oh well, more for us, hehe!! :o)

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